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Is your computer behaving like it has a mind of its own? Is it time to get it repaired or is it time to kill it and get a replacement? Either way, we can help you.

At Affordable Computers, we repair and sell PC desktops and laptops. With quality workmanship and excellent customer service, we know that you will be delighted that you chose us for your computer needs.

Below is a list of our services and fee schedule.

Labor - We operate on a flat rate labor fee. What does this mean for the customer? It means that you will never get an inflated bill. We believe that you are paying for our knowledge rather than our time. Sometimes we know right away what the problem is and we can get right to the repair work. However, often there are many possible reasons that your computer might be acting a certain way. If we charged by the hour, it wouldn't take long before the repair bill would add up to the price of a new computer. Sometimes, a computer just isn't worth the price of parts to finish a repair. When that happens, we will advise the customer to the best of our ability. If we don't fix it, we don't charge. That's hard to beat!

Labor for desktops = 65.00 flat rate

Labor for laptops = 75.00 flat rate

In home service - Labor = 75.00 flat rate

Pick up and delivery = 35.00 within a 20 mile radius of our location. Labor fee is separate from pick up and delivery fee.

Virus removal, fresh installs, general maintenance, all covered under flat rate labor fees. Labor + parts + any sales tax due = total bill 

Need to purchase a new or used computer? We have an assortment of options available. We sell used desktops and laptops. All computer purchases come with 90 day parts and 30 day labor warranty.

Used desktop computers starting at $99

Reconditioned laptops starting at 250.00 with a one year limited parts warranty.

New desktops, custom builds and new laptops, all ordered and usually ready for pickup within 72 business hours. Give us a chance to beat local prices on new and custom built computers!

Contact information

(812) 876-6772

200 East Association Street Rm 102 ( Eagles Landing Mall)

Ellettsville, Indiana 47429

Please check our Products page for information concerning pickup and delivery as well as in home service.